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Excursion "The Route of the Indalo"

Dias de salida de la excursion On request     Hora de salida de la excursion 8:00 h.     Precio de la excursion 35,00 € / Adult, 25,00 € / Child (3-11 years)

Information about the itinerary:

Departure at the indicated time from Roquetas de Mar with destination the Natural Park of Sierra de Maria – Los Velez. We follow the Route of the Indalo in order to discover the symbolism, the traditions and the popular beliefs that merge from this symbol. On our way we visit villages such as MariaVelez Blanco and Velez Rubio. In the afternoon we return to the hotels. Arrival at Roquetas de Mar and the end of our service.

Included in our prices:

- Travel-insurance
- Transport by bus
- Accompanying guide during the whole excursion.

* Pepe Tours reserves the right to change the itinerary and the order of the excursions for organizational reasons.

More information:

The Natural Park Sierra Maria – Los Velez is situated in the utmost north of the province of Almeria. The Sierra Maria possesses a spectacular beauty despite of the dryness which is typical for the landscape of Almeria, especially in winter, when the mountain tops are covered with snow. An extensive and well preserved forest, unique species of plants and more then 100 different kinds of birds form the natural heritage of the Comarca de los Velez.

The region Sierra Maria – Los Velez owns a rich artistic and monumental heritage. The majestic and monumental village of Velez Blanco, situated in the province of Almeria, lies at more then thousand meter above sealevel in the shadows of the mountain Maimon, on the slopes of the mountain that has been crowned with the impressive castle. The village was occupied by people such as the Iberians, Romans, Visigoths and MoslimsVelez-Blanco, seat of the Marquisate of Los Velez, owns one of the most beautiful and most representative castles of the Spanish Renaissance: the Castle-Alcazar of Los Fajardo (16th century). Also wellknown is the convent-church of San Luis, in platersque style and with a Mudejar tower. The city was built in the Middle Ages, the distribution of the streets has to do with the situation between hills and valleys and with the typical architecture of the houses, square or rectangular, even up to three storeys high. With the impressive mountains on the background the city still has a strategic position in the province, which was already used by the Nasrids in order to strengthen the borders with the Kingdom of Granada. Finally the city was peacefully handed over to the Catholic Kings in 1488: witness of this moment can be found in the choir of the Cathedral of Toledo.

The moslim heritage is deeply rooted in Velez Blanco. Almost the whole urban structure has been preserved, with an emphasize on the district La Moreria and the fountains with water frin the mountain MaimonCaños de la NoviaCinco CañosCaños de Caravaca and Caños del Meson. The city is perfectly described by the word ‘monumental’, due to the rich heritage that has been preserved inside its walls. The mansions, built with stones and bricks, and with a baroc influence, are situated in the main streets of the city, especially the House of the Bañones or the House of the Arcos, built in the 18th and 19th century. 

But if there is a compulsory visit, then it is the Castle Palace of the Marquess of Los Velez. At the beginning of the 16th century the first Marquess of the city, Don Pedro Fajardo, ordered its construction to Italian architects. In 1931 it was declared Artistic Historic Heritage. Of the fortress only the exterior was kept, as the decoration on the interior was sold, nowadays it can be seen in the Metropolitan Museum of New York.It has been devided in two sections: the rectangular structure of the old alcazaba in stone and the main building in brickwork, at present in restauration.

In the Natural Park Sierra Maria – Los Velez we also find archeologic sites of great significance, such as the Cave of Los Letreros, with rockpaintings from the Neolithicum, the Cave of Ambrosio, an important site related to the Superior Paleolithicum.

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